DLoG puts its faith in congatec XTX embedded computer modules

The new industrial computer for forklift and vehicle applications MPC 6 from DLoG features XTX embedded computer modules from congatec AG

Deggendorf, Olching, November 28, 2006 – DLoG GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial computers for harsh environments has decided to equip all its MPC 6 and IPC 7 models with XTX embedded computer modules from congatec AG.

The first products resulting from this relationship between DLoG and congatec are already available. The DLoG MPC 6 is a compact in-vehicle terminal that has a touch screen user interface as well as an integrated heater for extreme environmental conditions.
The predecessor of the MPC 6 was equipped with an ETX module. The switch to XTX has provided the ability to add some new features. For example WLAN, which is now driven by a future-proof, inexpensive and fast PCI Express MiniCard. The industrial use of this feature is quite unique in today's industry. Additionally, XTX offers the connection of fast and cheap SATA hard drives as an option.
It was an important goal for the design of the MPC 6 to maintain low power consumption in parallel with high computing performance. The conga-X915 from congatec AG was the first choice due to the fact that this module features an up to date chipset and allows the use of power management modes that help keep power consumption low. Since the application does not require huge amounts of processor performance, DLoG was able to take advantage of the congatec Embedded BIOS feature called 'On-Demand Clock Modulation', which provides the ability to reduce the overall power consumption by up to 50%.
Utilizing the LPC (Low Pin Count, serialized ISA) bus that is available on all XTX products has allowed DLoG to implement additional serial interfaces. No further adaptation was necessary because the congatec Embedded BIOS already supported the Super I/O chip used for this expansion.
DLoG's engineering manager Kurt Buchberger says: “Beside the new serial interfaces such as PCI Express and SATA, I was extremely impressed by the features of the congatec Embedded BIOS. The implementation of the Embedded Panel Interface (EPI) allows for fast and easy changing of flat panel displays. We're able to define the default BIOS settings by ourself at no extra cost. We also noticed that the congatec modules performed the best when operating the Ethernet interface while using long cable connections.”
Thanks to the technology leadership of the congatec embedded computer modules the product range of DLoG's industrial computers can be adapted quickly to the ever changing customer demands. Even samples of the Intel Core 2 Duo computer modules are available from congatec today.