congatec delivers broadest COM Express scalability with three new module versions for 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors

Type 2 or Type 6 Pin-out – congatec has the appropriate graphics options for either

Munich, electronica, 13 November 2012  * * *  congatec AG, a leading manufacturer of embedded computer modules, demonstrates the broad scalability of its modules for 3rd generation Intel® Core™ on the COM Express standard. Offering a choice of three module versions, congatec now provides maximum graphics and processing power for both Type 2 and Type 6 Pin-out.

The key innovations of the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors include 3D tri-gate transistor design, 22-nanometer production and a more tightly integrated graphics core. Featuring up to 16 GB of fast dual-channel DDR3 memory (1600 MHz) the modules provide greater security thanks to Intel® VT (Intel® Virtualization Technology) and optional Intel® AMT (Intel® Active Management Technology) 8.0 support.

The conga-TS77 module variant is based on the Type 6 Pin-out for new designs and supports four native USB 3.0 ports. Benefits include faster data transfer, lower power consumption and the possibility to send and receive data simultaneously. Three independent Digital Display Interfaces (DDI) in combination provide SDVO, HDMI or DisplayPort, while direct PCI Express x16 lanes (PEG 3.0), LVDS and VGA are available as separate graphic interfaces.

For existing project designs, congatec now offers two module variants for Type 2 Pin-out on COM Express for maximum graphics performance. In accordance with the COM Express specification, the conga-BP77 module features PCI Express x16 lanes (PEG 3.0), LVDS and VGA graphic interfaces. This module is suitable for applications that are based on PEG graphics and require an external high-end graphics performance. PEG is implemented via a custom carrier board. The schematics of the evaluation carrier board conga-CEVAL, which are available for free download, provide the perfect template for the development of the application specific carrier board.

For existing project designs on Type 2 Pin-out requiring a maximum of flexibility with regard to the graphics interfaces, congatec offers the conga-BS77. It dispenses with the PEG interface in order to execute three independent Digital Display Interfaces (DDIs). Each can be configured as DisplayPort or TMDS (HDMI or DVI). In addition, one port can also be configured as SDVO output. LVDS and VGA are available too.

Up to seven PCI Express lanes, four SATA ports with up to 6 Gb/s and RAID support, eight USB 2.0, one EIDE and a Gigabit Ethernet interface allow fast and flexible system extensions. In addition to DirectX 11 and OpenGL 3.1, OpenCL 1.1 is also supported. Fan control, Intel® High Definition Audio, LPC bus for easy integration of legacy I/O interfaces, Intel® AMT 8.0 for remote maintenance and the new UEFI pre-boot applications round out the feature set. Matching carrier boards for quick evaluation and as a template for customer specific designs are also available for COM Express Types 2 and 6.