COM-HPC for Medical Applications

Transforming Patient Care with High Performance Computing at the Edge

congatec’s COM-HPC module delivers the design flexibility and high performance needed to power AI, graphics, and other data-intensive applications driving modern healthcare systems.

Medical technologies are rapidly advancing, redefining many aspects of patient care. To remain at the forefront of innovation, OEMs and their customers serving this market must deliver high-performance edge computing solutions that can process near-real-time patient data wherever care is delivered. There is fierce competition across the industry as well, placing increasing pressure on OEMs and their customers to bring new products to market faster.

The new PICMG COM-HPC (high performance compute) standard for Computer-on-  Modules (COMs) delivers the high performance and I/O bandwidth needed to meet the industry’s increasing workload requirements. The COM-HPC’s modular design enables the flexibility, scalability, and extensibility required to expedite product development and drive a growing array of new medical devices being deployed at the edge.

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