Welcome to the World of Rugged Edge Computing at Evertiq Expo Warsaw

At Evertiq Expo Warsaw, taking place on October 27 at the PGE Narodowy Stadium, we will be showcasing our extensive portfolio of modules and ecosystem solutions for the world’s most rugged and demanding computing applications. In particular those that also come with high lifecycle and safety requirements.

Powerful edge server technology beyond air-conditioned server rooms

With the new COM-HPC ecosystem, high-performance designs can for the first time move from air-conditioned server rooms to the rugged field of mobile and outdoor edge server applications. To this end, we not only offer application-ready modules with latest Intel Xeon and 12th Gen Intel Core technology but also boast a complete ecosystem consisting of modules, carrier boards and powerful cooling solutions for fully fanless designs.

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Rugged enough to withstand extreme thermal and mechanical stress

For extremely demanding applications, we will be presenting ultra-rugged 11th Gen Intel Core modules with up to 32 Mbyte soldered RAM for highest shock and vibration resistance. Designed to withstand even extreme temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C, the conga TC570r COM Express Type 6 Computer-on-Module, for instance, provides full shock and vibration resistance for operation in challenging transportation and mobility applications, even off paved roads. 

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Made for embedded applications with functional safety requirements

Our functionally safe embedded computing platforms are specifically designed for the many new and emerging applications requiring functional safety (FuSa), such as autonomous vehicles on factory floors, rails, roads and off-road. In all of these applications there is also a trend towards hardware consolidation that leads to the need to operate mixed-critical applications on functionally safe multicore embedded systems to manage multiple safety and non-safety critical tasks in parallel. Here, our multicore platforms based on Intel Elkhart Lake technology with Intel Safety Island are an ideal fit.

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Virtualization Ready
  • Intel Atom® x6000E, Intel® Pentium® or Celeron® J
  • 8 variants for broad scalability
  • GbE with TSN and TCC support
  • Up to 16 GB LPDDR4x
  • Industrial temperature support
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Virtualization Ready
  • Intel Atom®, Intel® Pentium® and Celeron®
  • Rugged design with soldered processor and memory
  • Real-time capable with TCC and TSN
  • Inband ECC memory support
  • Extended temperature support

But don’t rely on our words only; register to attend Poland's biggest electronics industry event, Evertiq Expo Warsaw, on October 27 and visit us to see for yourself.

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