Foxconn Technology Group joins Qseven Consortium

The world’s best end-to-end manufacturing services provider has joined the Qseven standard thereby ensuring the long-term availability of MXM connectors

April 21, 2009    * * *   The Qseven Consortium announces that Foxconn Technology Group, the only true eCMMS services provider in the world, has joined the consortium, increasing the number of members to 25. The Qseven Consortium was founded in 2008 by congatec AG, Seco s.r.l. and MSC Vertriebs GmbH and has seen a steady increase in membership ever since.

“As one of four manufacturers of MXM connectors worldwide we are able to guarantee long-term availability of this product for the established Qseven standard. This gives all designers of Qseven based embedded applications the necessary certainty to rely on this attractive standard. We are also committed to supporting any future upgrades and expansions of the Qseven standard,” states Sidney Lu, Chief Executive Vice President and Chairman of Foxconn’s connector and cable arm.

Christian Eder, spokesperson for the Qseven Consortium, comments: “With an annual turnover just shy of 62 billion US dollar in 2008 and boasting a portfolio of over 20,000 patents, Foxconn Technology Group is also the innovative leader to the contract manufacturing world. We are therefore extremely pleased with the commitment of this important company and consider their membership a clear endorsement of the Qseven standard. With Foxconn we have won a competent and reliable environmentally-friendly partner who will actively support us in our endeavours to establish Qseven even further.”