congatec reports record growth of 24% in 2018

congatec growth faster than the market

Deggendorf, Germany, 26 February 2019  * * *  congatec – a leading vendor of standardized and customized embedded computer boards and modules – reports record growth of 24% versus previous year and an all-time record in revenue of 132.5 million USD compared to 106.6 million USD in 2017. congatec achieved these extraordinary results by investing into growth markets and disruptive service offerings, while pushing organic team growth and completing its first acquisition in 2018.

For 2019, congatec anticipates another year of growth, based on the current backlog and major design wins. In 2018 congatec already increased the size and strength of its team, and even greater investments are planned for 2019 to support expanding growth in 2020 and beyond.

“The constant of technology advancements and increased design complexity contributes to our business.” explains congatec CEO Jason Carlson. “What matters here, is not a single technology but having a partner who can provide a platform solution that best meets OEMs’ needs and allows them to focus on the functionality of their specific product. Unlike other pure hardware sales oriented organizations, congatec offers a real premium service with personal integration support by a passionate global team committed to always serving customers as best as they can,” underlines Carlson.

A focus of congatec’s growth strategy lies in the expanding markets driven by the digital transformation. Digitization currently creates completely new products and service offerings. Existing markets are being disrupted by this trend but overall, the combined effects of market wins and losses result in expanding revenue options for congatec. “In disruptive environments, first to market strategies count a lot,” highlights Carlson. “Consequently, being able to identify the new players in the market is a required core competence if we want to benefit most from these trends.”