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This complete kit provides the ability to start evaluating instant deployable industrial-grade camera applications based on MIPI and ARM i.MX8

  • Application-ready embedded vision kit to enable video analytics at the industrial IOT Edge
  • Using this kit enables instant deployable industrial-grade plug and play camera applications
  • Based on 3.5“ Carrier Board conga-SMC1, SMARC 2.0 conga-SMX8 and Basler 13MP MIPI camera



  • 3.5‘‘ conga-SMC1/SMARC-ARM
  • conga-SMX8 SMARC 2.0 module
  • daA4200-30mci - Basler dart MIPI based 13 MP camera
  • FFC cable to connect conga-SMC1 with MIPI camera
  • Quick Start Guide conga-MIPI/Skit-ARM
  • conga-MIPI/Skit-ARM Development Kit – Safety Info