Computer-On-Modules enter a new performance class

conga-X945: the first XTX module with dual core technology

Deggendorf/Nürnberg, February 14, 2006 - congatec AG exhibits the first XTX Module with an Intel® Core Duo processor at the Embedded World trade show. conga-X945 can compute at nearly twice the speed of ETX® and XTX modules that are currently available. The ETX® compatible conga-X945 replaces the aging ISA bus with fast serial interfaces such as PCI Express and Serial ATA, which improve the complete system performance many times over.

The conga-X945 is equipped with Intel's latest 65 nm Core Duo processors up to L2500 LV 1.83 GHz with 2 MByte cache and 667 MHz frontside bus. It's based on the Intel® 82945GM chipset and ICH7-M southbridge. This combination provides all the features specified by the XTX standard. Four PCI Express lanes, six USB 2.0 ports, two Serial ATA interfaces and signals for two ExpressCards allow for fast system extension. Fan control, LPC bus for slow speed extensions and HDA, a high performance digital audio interface, complete this full feature set.

conga-X945 is XTX compliant and therefore ETX® compatible. The mechanics, cooling concept and connectors are identical to ETX®. The only difference is that the X2 connector, which formerly carried the old ISA bus signals, now provides new fast serial interfaces. All ETX® applications that currently don't utilize the ISA bus are able to use XTX modules without any changes to the baseboard and can benefit immediately from the fast dual core technology of the conga-X945.

Intel's Graphics Media Accelerator 950, which is a chipset integrated graphics controller, allows for more than 10 GB/s bandwidth to a maximum of 192 MByte video memory allocation. Both independent graphic pipelines can use either 2x24 Bit LVDS, SDVO, TV-Out or analog VGA. The conga-X945 implements the new EPI (Embedded Panel Interface) standard allowing for automatic recognition of the attached flat panel display.

Despite the highest performance capabilities of the conga-X945, it's still very suitable for all mobile and fanless applications. Battery support and ACPI 2.0 complient enhanced power management features enable the conga-X945 to meet the needs of the ever demanding mobile computing market.

The dual core conga-X945 XTX module will be available by May 2006. Prototypes can be viewed now at the Embedded World trade show.