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conga-HDMI Add-On Card

conga-HDMI Add-On Card

  • Adaptercard for HDMI/DP
  • COM Express Type 2


DDI converter card for DisplayPort and HDMI

The conga HDMI/DisplayPort adapter card provides three DisplayPort and two HDMI interfaces. This adapter card can be used for evaluation with all congatec modules that provide the Digital Display Interface (DDI) Signals (DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI) to the PEG slot on conga-TEVAL, conga-QEVAL or conga-CEVAL.

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)

HDMI is a licensable compact audio/video connector interface for transmitting uncompressed digital streams. HDMI encodes the video data and audio data into TMDS for digital transmission and is fully backward-compatible with the single-link Digital Visual Interface (DVI) carrying digital video. Additionally, HDMI adds the ability to send up to 8 separate channels of uncompressed digital audio and auxiliary control data during the horizontal and vertical blanking intervals of the TDMS video stream.

DisplayPort (DP)

DP is an open industry standard digital display interface that is under development within the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The DisplayPort specificationdefinesa scalable digital display interface with optional audio and content protection capability. It definesa license-free, royalty-free, state-of-the-art digital audio/video interconnect intended to be used primarily between a computer and its display monitor.conga-ADD2DP is an adapter card for testing the new digital display interfaces (DDI) HDMI and DisplayPort on Type 2 COM Express modules. Intel®’s GM45 GMCH was the firstchipset supporting these new DDIs. With this chipset, the HDMI and DisplayPort signals are multiplexed with the PEG interface and were made available externally via the COM Express Type 2 definition.Future Intel® chipsets, such as the HM55/QM57 do not have the DDIs multiplexed with the PEG port so it’s up to the vendor to either route the PEG or the HDMI/DisplayPort/SDVO signals to the COM Express Type 2 pins dedicated to PEG. The conga-ADD2DP allows the connection of HDMI and DisplayPort devices to COM Express Type 2 systems supporting the new DDIs on the PEG port pins. The concept is pretty much the same as with ADD2 cards, which are used to connect 3rd party transmitters to Intel®’s SDVO interface. As with HDMI and DP, the SDVO interface is also multiplexed with the PCI Express graphics port.


Part Number

P/N Title Description
500014 conga-HDMI/DisplayPort adapter The conga-HDMI/DisplayPort adapter is used to convert the chipset graphic ports Port-B, Port-C and Port-D to the HDMI or DisplayPort interface.