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Product Service

Defects are subject for analysis regardless if occurred during production, in the filed or elsewhere. Our Customer Service provides a 4D-equivilant report for repaired board which has been returned by our customers. If recommended as well as feasible, congatec Customer Service Engineers go into deeper analysis and are usually supported by the relevant component manufacturer to clear dedicated root cause mechanism. 

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The congatec Quality Management Team will support different quality topics either reported by the Customer Service Team or from the Field Application Engineers on request. 

All congatec products are designed for industrial as well as for commercial embedded computer technology. The use of the modules for medical, automotive, aviation, railway and similar applications is subjected to low risk evaluation regarding thread to life or physical condition.

All congatec products are supposed to be available for a minimum of 5 years. 

The availability of components can change fast and with short notice. This is a common fact in the field of embedded computing.  Changes of the product are done by congatec for the replacement of components due to their availability, to maintain compliance to different regulations and to improve the product’s function, performance and reliability.

Significant product changes are announced such as e.g. the change of a component or another technical change of the product which affects form, fit and function.  Product changes as well as the change of the BIOS will be communicated via Product Change Notification (PCN). PCNs are available for our customers online. Additionally we directly inform all of the relevant customers regarding the change directly.

There may be different reasons why a product is end of life (EOL). When it is confirmed that a congatec product has reached the end of life, customers will be informed immediately. The information is distributed via Product Discontinuation Notification (PDN), which includes all relevant information regarding last time buy and last time delivery. Depends upon various aspects, individual agreements regarding the product phase out may be established at this time.

congatec Engineering supports all congatec products until last time delivery is reached. Further engineering support can be offered for a fee equivalent to fair market value. 

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