congatec trainings

COM-HPC Training

Within this 3 hours training you will get an overview of the new PICMG formfactor COM-HPC. Both, server and client will be covered.

  • Why a new standard? The PICMG workgroup
  • The COM-HPC connector
  • Module types and sizes
  • COM Express vs. COM-HPC
  • Cooling concepts
  • Signal integrity challenges
  • congatec COM-HPC roadmap
  • New COM-HPC interface technology
  • congatec evaluation boards
  • Q&A

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Design-In Training x86

With this training, you will get in-depth training about all carrier-board related design topics. The focus is on COM-HPC and SMARC carrier board designs.

  • Introduction Carrier Board Design
  • COM-HPC Update
  • High-speed Standard PC Interfaces (e. g. PCIe, USB, Ethernet, Displays)
  • Low-speed Standard PC Interfaces (e. g. eSPI, I²C, GPIOs)
  • Power Management
  • Design Basics & Carrier Board Component Selection
  • PCB Design Rules...

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Design-In Training ARM

With this training, you will get in-depth training about our ARM based products.

  • Introduction ARM vs. x86
  • ARM Architecture / Types incl. Roadmap Update
  • Bootloader Introduction | Boot Sequence |  U-boot | Boot Container
  • Kernel Introduction | Structure | Booting Parameters | Configuration
  • BSPs Introduction | Yocto Project | Android
  • Hands-On Training (e. g. Hardware Setup, Booting Sample Image, Setting up BSP, …)
  • Design-In Support incl. TSC Services

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