congatec Whitepapers

IoT migration made easier

More manufacturers of computer technology for harsh environments are expanding their
hardware offerings with the right ‘glue logic’ to develop IoT solutions. congatec advocates
vendor-independent standardization to ensure that these solutions remain scalable in
line with requirements.

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Quality and Performance Meet Low-Power Innovation for Embedded Designs

congatec simplifies IoT with embedded form factors based on 8th Gen Intel® Core™ U-series processors.

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i.MX 8X en los módulos SMARC 2.0 y Qseven de congatec

La versión 8X del procesador NXP i.MX 8 tiene un consumo de energía extremadamente bajo, es robusta y viene con muchas características de seguridad funcional. Ahora es compatible en los estándares de módulos SMARC 2.0 y Qseven de congatec

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Rugged 10 GbE infrastructure equipment

The new COM Express® Type 7 specification defines high-end Server-on-Modules that support multiple 10 GbE connections. The modules simplify and optimize the design of infrastructure equipment in rugged environments, in particular with regards to the specific size, weight and power restraints of these applications.

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Performance boost for harsh environments

Server processors are getting more and more energy efficient. Embedded application developers use them to boost performance, which also opens up completely new application fields for them. congatec supports such OEM designs with application-ready COM Express Type 7 modules and platforms. 

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AMD Ryzen Whitepaper

New benchmark modules for high-end embedded computing. congatec COM Express Type 6 modules with AMD Ryzen™ Embedded processors

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Closing the loop on industrial manufacturing efficiency

As industrial manufacturers look to capitalize on the efficiency and insights of Industry 4.0 they must transition their electronics infrastructure to support intelligence at the edge of operational networks. 

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COM Express Type 7 Whitepaper

COM Express is heading towards “Server-on-Module”

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Llevando las fl otas a la nube

Actualmente, la conexión de sus flotas a las nubes es una necesidad para los operadores de transporte. El proveedor de soluciones español Datik está especializado en soluciones basadas en la nube para el transporte público.

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Symbiosis of Mini-ITX and COM Express

Flexible motherboards from congatec for high-performance industrial applications

High-end industrial applications demand continuous performance upgrades. In times when new embedded processor generations offer significant performance gains each year, modular designs present a distinct advantage.

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MIPI Camera Whitepaper

congatec and Intel accelerate Time to Market for Small, Smart Cameras

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SBC Whitepaper

congatec explains what really counts if you want to deploy motherboards outside your cozy home and office.

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USB Type-C Whitepaper

¿Quieres usar USB-C en sistemas embebidos? ¡Hazlo bien!

Ventajas y trampas de las implementaciones USB

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COM Express Type 7 fog server Whitepaper

10 GbE in real time. COM Express Type 7 for fog and Industry 4.0 servers

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SMARC 2.0 Whitepaper

SMARC 2.0 - A New Standard to Bridge the Gap between Qseven and COM Express

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Modular fog servers with real-time support

The future of Industry 4.0 systems across all sectors lies in the combination of fog server and real time technology.

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Device development with SMARC 2.0

SMARC 2.0 is the great new Computer-on-Modules standard for the efficient design of powerful and feature-rich small form factor (SFF) applications.

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Intel & RTS Whitepaper

Real-Time Systems and Intel take industrial embedded systems to the next level
Innovative hypervisor and partitioning software increases flexibility and functionality for industry

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