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RMA - Return Material Authorization Procedure


1. Request a RMA number

Via Email

Request a RMA number by sending an email to

Via phone

Please call +49 (0) 991/2700-130 to get your RMA number directly from our Customer Service employee on the phone.


2. Send goods back to congatec AG

The RMA number should be visible on the outside of the package and on the delivery form. Please make sure that the package is properly packed to avoid damages.



Transportation costs:

Inside EU:

  • Delivery customer -> congatec AG = customer pays 
  • Delivery congatec AG -> customer = congatec AG pays

Outside EU (third country):

  • Delivery customer -> congatec AG = congatec AG pays
  • Delivery congatec AG -> customer = customer pays



ESD Protection

All congatec AG products are electrostatic sensitive devices and must be packaged accordingly when being returned to congatec AG. If a shipment is received that is not packaged using ESD packing materials it will be returned to sender without being processed.

ESD Information