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Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance

Associate Member

One of the world's most recognized and trusted technology ecosystems. With 200+ members, the Alliance includes leading solution and service providers from a broad range of industries. Partnering with Alliance members can help you reduce risk and lower development costs.

Intel Technology Provider 2013

The 2013 Intel® Technology Provider Program is designed to support the sales and marketing efforts of all channel partners that specify, design, build, or resell Intel-based technology solutions through a single, integrated membership program.

Platinum Partner status is reserved for the most valued program members - those who demonstrate superior business and technical skills, as well as leadership in the development of innovative customer solutions based on Intel technologies.

AMD Fusion Partner Premium

The AMD Fusion Partner Premium Program is designed to strengthen collective success. AMD is providing partners with a competitive program that is focused on helping to drive profitable business through the promotion of an industry leading and extensive technology portfolio.

Freescale Proven Partner

Proven Partners offer the knowledge and experience to round out the enablement and implementation of total system solutions aligned to Freescale technologies.


Executive Member

Founded in 1994 as the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group, PICMG is a consortium of over 250 companies that collaboratively develops open specifications for high performance telecommunications, military and industrial computing applications.


SGET e.V. is a technical and scientific association with its registered office in Munich. The purpose of the Association is the promotion of science and research. The purpose is realized in particular when SGET, in a team effort in various workgroups on embedded computer technologies, prepares and compiles technical specifications or other work results such as implementation guidelines, software interfaces or system requirements, which serve the purpose of energy efficiency, environmental protection and effective technology, science and the public, publishes such information and promotes its application for the benefit of the general public.

COM Express


COM Express is a PICMG definded Computer-On-Module definition. It was designed to reduce time-to-market on specialized platforms used in industrial, medical, military, scientific, telecommunication and other applications.

congatec AG is editor within PICMG for the Rev. 2.0 and Rev. 2.1 of the COM Express (COM.0) specification. The carrier board design guide, the Embedded Application Programming Interface and the Embedded EEPROM Specification are additional, COM Express related PICMG documents created by congatec as editor within PICMG.



XTX is an expansion and continuation of the well-established and highly successful ETX Computer-On-Module standard. XTX offers newer I/O technologies on this proven form factor. XTX does no longer support the ISA bus but offers new features such as PCI Express and SATA.



Qseven is a Computer-On-Module concept for low power, low cost and mobile applications. It integrates all the core components of a common PC and is mounted onto an application specific carrier board.
Qseven supports x86 and ARM processor architectures.
Qseven modules have a standardized form factor of 70mm x 70mm and have specified pinouts based on the high speed MXM system connector that has a standardized pinout regardless of the vendor.